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Zhejiang Junyi Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of high-quality laser cutting equipment designed to empower businesses worldwide. Located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China, our company was founded in 2017 and has since become known for our commitment to innovation, precision, and customer satisfaction.
  We have a 39,000-square-meter factory near the bustling Ningbo Port with ISO9001 certification, CE certification, and patents, which reflects our pursuit of excellence. Our well-organized factory department enables an efficient production process and our experienced workforce ensures a monthly output of 20-30 standard machine models. By ensuring timely delivery, we prioritize customer satisfaction and uphold our commitment to timely service. 

What Can We Do

·As a trustworthy manufacturer of laser machine, we strictly assure the premium quality of our products through a cradle-to-grave quality control system. Our professionals will work as a team to do their jobs through each critical step from designing, manufacturing through to packaging and transportation, aiming at earning the ongoing trust of our customers with expert support, excellent quality control and on-time delivery.
·Compared to other large-scale factories, our manufacturing plant is relatively small in scale, this leads to a simplified production process enabling operation more flexible. So we have the ability to accommodate any orders according to customer's changing needs.
·We adopt advanced sales management approach which permits sales to get quotes and plans to customers in a timely manner, and provide product samples for customer pre-approval.
·We continually invest in manufacturing equipment and compound talents. We don't have attractive showroom and artistic workshop, this because we deeply know what are more important things where money must go to, that is, providing high quality product at a reasonable price which generates to lower costs for our customers.


Core Value

Creativity combined with high quality and customized service makes us your reliable supplier and we always grow up with our customers.
We respect customers'ideas and suggestions and we would like to do anything to be more professional and helpful to our customers.

More Than 10 Years

Enterprise Strength

Creating greater efficiency for manufacturers

Employee Growth

Providing attractive welfare for employees

Social Responsibility

Adding more value for community

Technology Innovation

Continuous innovation to meet ever-changing customer demands