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Since its establishment in 2017, Junyi Laser has achieved certain results in domestic and overseas markets. Junyi's success is attributed to the long-term support of agents and end customers; in order to further develop overseas markets, our company sincerely invites industry leaders, join the big family of Junyi Laser, pass on the brand value of Junyi Laser, and jointly serve our valued customers.

Our company has 20 years of deep-rooted experience and strong technological infrastructure in creating value through partnerships with several companies global players.


What Would You Get if You Become Junyi’s Agent?

If we are lucky enough to work with you to build the Junyi Laser brand and expand overseas markets, we will assist you with online promotion (Google/Facebook and other online marketing), provide agent regional protection, grant local pricing rights and the most favorable ex-factory price , regular technical training and accessories discount policy.
Choosing to go with Junyi means choosing a strong backing, a trustworthy friend, and a like-minded business partner!

Qualification requirements

Have relevant working background in mechanical products, and the applicant or the team has rich mechanical sales or technical experience;
Comprehensive understanding of local market conditions and sufficient funds for business development;
The applicant or company has good credit and no bad records;
Support the Junyi Laser brand, have a pioneering spirit and sense of innovation, and are committed to exploring overseas markets with Junyi Laser.

Recruitment process

Submit an application ---- the company management reviews the applicant's qualifications ---- submit a market expansion plan ---- sign a letter of intent to cooperate ---- provide technical support and product services

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