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Exchange Platform Laser Cutting Machine

Efficiency is at the heart of this cutting equipment, thanks to its dual-platform design. With the ability to automatically replace the cutting platform within 15-20 seconds, it significantly enhances processing speed and productivity. Moreover, the equipment allows for simultaneous loading and unloading of materials, reducing the need for manual intervention and effectively controlling costs.
Why should you take this machine into consideration? 1.Using anti-high-reflective material laser, the photoelectric conversion efficiency exceeds 30%, and it can also process high-reflective aluminum plates continuously. 2.Real-time tracking of ventilation and dust removal in different rooms, using a special air duct system designed with air flow simulation. After actual use, the dust extraction rate reaches more than 75% (normally about 30%) 3.Optional efficient bus control mode, full-line control servo motor alarm upload function, support both Chinese and English alarm content descriptions on the interface, easy to understand, making technical services easier.