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Efficient And Precise Large-Format Laser Cutting Equipment

√Negative Pressure Sealing

√LED light design

√Dust removal device

√Heavy-duty bed frames

√Optimization and improvement

√Strict pre-shipment equipment testing

    Technical parameters

    Processing width (L*W)


    X/Y axis single axis maximum positioning speed


    X/Y axis maximum linkage speed


    Positioning accuracy


    Repeat positioning accuracy


    Laser power


    Machine size

     about 15000*4100*2350mm (specific to the actual)

    The Main Advantage

    Junyi Laser cutter is designed to meet the needs of different industries and applications, which has unique advantages such as high precision, high speed, versatility in handling various materials, non-contact cutting, flexibility, automation, and intelligence.





    What kind of material could be cut by a fiber laser cutting machine?


    6 Reasons to Choose Junyi 6025H Over Competitors

    Company geographical advantages, three-dimensional traffic versatile.


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