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Upgraded 6 Meters Fiber Laser Cutter With The Newest Software

Larger cutting range: 6000*1500mm (20*5’)

Higher production efficiency: 2 standard plates can be placed

Wider application areas: processing of large-size workpieces

Higher processing accuracy: ±0.03mm



    Processing format (L*W)


    Laser power


    X/Y axis positioning accuracy


    X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy


    Maximum acceleration


    Maximum speed


    Power supply

    AC380V±5% 50/60Hz 3Phase


    Introducing the groundbreaking 6-meter laser cutting machine, designed specifically for the door industry. This cutting-edge machine offers unique advantages that revolutionize the way door panels are manufactured.

    One of the key advantages of this laser cutting machine is its high-precision cutting capability. With remarkable accuracy, it can achieve precise contours and details on sheet metal materials, ensuring the quality and precision of every door panel produced. Gone are the days of imperfect edges and irregular shapes – this machine guarantees absolute perfection.

    Another remarkable feature of this laser cutting machine is its ability to maintain the original characteristics of the material being cut. The heat-affected zone produced during the cutting process is incredibly small, resulting in clean and flat cutting edges. This eliminates the need for time-consuming secondary processing, saving both time and resources.

    Flexibility and diversity are also major advantages of this laser cutting machine. It can be easily adjusted to meet different design requirements, allowing the production of door panels in various shapes and sizes. This flexibility caters to the diverse needs of customers and enables manufacturers to offer personalized solutions, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


    Efficiency is a top priority in the manufacturing industry, and this laser cutting machine delivers exceptional performance. Its impressive cutting speed allows for the quick completion of a large number of door panels, significantly improving production efficiency. With this machine, manufacturers can meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.


    Automation is another notable feature of this laser cutting machine. When paired with a computer control system, it can achieve a fully automated cutting process. This reduces the need for manual operations, streamlines production, and ensures consistently high quality.



    Larger cutting range

    The six-meter laser cutting machine can handle larger-sized workpieces, provides a larger cutting area, and can meet the needs of processing larger-sized workpieces.

    Higher production efficiency

    Since the six-meter laser cutting machine has a larger cutting area, more cutting tasks can be completed at one time, so the work can be completed more efficiently and production efficiency can be improved.

    Wider application fields

    Six-meter laser cutting machines can be used in a wider range of industries and fields, such as shipbuilding, building structures, energy equipment and other fields that require processing of large-size workpieces.

    Higher precision and quality

    Six-meter laser cutting machines are usually equipped with more powerful control systems and more stable laser sources, so they can achieve higher cutting accuracy and better cutting quality.


    (1)The floating support strip can prevent scratches on the door panel material, support the workpiece, and adjust the height. 
    •Support the workpiece: Laser cutting equipment usually requires the workpiece to be placed on a flat workbench for cutting, and the floating support bar provides additional support and stability to ensure that the workpiece remains stable during the cutting process and avoids vibration and loss during cutting. stable.
    Adjusting the height: The cutting table in some laser cutting equipment can be height-adjusted, and the floating support bar can provide support with a certain height adjustment range, so that the cutting table can be adjusted according to the different heights of the workpiece to achieve more precise cutting results.

    (2)The suction cup loading and unloading device can realize automated loading and unloading operations, improve cutting efficiency and precision, and reduce labor input.
    Loading: The suction cup loading and unloading device can pick up the workpiece to be cut from the storage area and accurately place it on the cutting table. The use of automated loading methods can improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of operators.
    Accurate positioning: The suction cup loading and unloading device can firmly fix the workpiece on the cutting table through vacuum suction cups. Through precise position control, the stability of the workpiece during the cutting process is ensured, thereby achieving accurate cutting results.
    Unloading: After cutting is completed, the suction cup loading and unloading device can suck the cut workpiece from the cutting table and place it in the unloading area, waiting for the next workpiece to be loaded. This can reduce the operator's time waiting for materials and further improve work efficiency.
    Automated operation: The suction cup loading and unloading device can be connected to the control system of the laser cutting equipment to achieve fully automatic loading and unloading operations. Through preset programs and parameters, continuous, efficient and stable cutting work can be achieved, improving production efficiency and quality.


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