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Strandard fiber laser cutter with single platform 5*10'

VF3015 fiber laser cutter is designed for cutting and engraving metal materials. This standard model has undergone rigorous testing and multiple upgrades, ensuring stable and reliable operation. As the best-selling device of 2022-2023, it is now produced in large quantities, guaranteeing timely delivery without the need to wait for several days. With its high efficiency, reliable quality, and user-friendly operation, VF3015 has sold over 200 units and can operate continuously for 24 hours. Experience the power of efficiency and precision with this exceptional laser cutting equipment.


    Processing format (L*W) 3000*1500mm(5*10')
    Laser power 1500-12000W
    X/Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m
    X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm/m
    Maximum acceleration 0.8G
    Maximum speed 120m/min
    Power supply AC380V±5% 50/60Hz 3Phase

    Why Can VF3015 Fiber Laser Cutter Become the Best Seller?

    The VF3015 laser cutting machine has quickly gained popularity among agents and end customers due to its exceptional stability5tAYiWtlj7M, and excellent processing capabilities

    1.With seven technical upgrades, the equipment's software and hardware have achieved high compatibility and stability, surpassing other manufacturers in the industry.

    One of the notable features of the VF3015 laser cutting machine is its ability to operate continuously for 24 hours. This means that it can handle even the most demanding production schedules without any downtime, ensuring maximum productivity for businesses.
    2.Furthermore, the back end of the system is equipped with automated maintenance functions such as automatic lubrication, remote monitoring, and regular reminders for accessories maintenance. These features effectively protect the equipment and extend its service life.
    Strandard fiber laser cutter with single platform 5*10'
    Strandard fiber laser cutter with single platform 5*10'
    3.Equipped with a fully automatic focus cutting head, the VF3015 laser cutting machine achieves automatic avoidance and thin plate flying cutting effects, greatly improving processing efficiency. This allows businesses to complete their projects in a shorter amount of time, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs.
    4.The heavy-duty bed design of the VF3015 laser cutting machine ensures that the table remains stable even under high-speed operation. This stability leads to precise and accurate finished products, meeting the highest quality standards. Whether it's cutting intricate designs or working on thick materials, the VF3015 laser cutting machine delivers consistent and reliable results.


    Get 5 main advantages when you choose Junyi Laser


      What advantages will you get?

    • 30% Increase in efficiency
    • Z-depth up to 150mm
    • 3 sets of machine in one 40HQ container
    • 15-20 days prodcution cycle
    • Design of 2 major dust removal sections


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