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Integrated Sheet And Pipe Fiber Laser Cutter VF6015HG

√Strong industry applicability

√Integrated design improves cost performance

√Small footprint, control of rental costs

√Low initial investment cost, high rate of return

√Mature cabinet installation, operation and training solutions

    Technical parameter

    Laser wavelength


    Incision width


    Maximum effective diameter of chuck


    The maximum length of pipe cutting is


    Cutting X-axis travel


    Plate cutting Y-axis travel


    Plane repeat positioning accuracy


    Plane movement positioning accuracy


    Maximum cutting air pressure


    Power demand

    380V 50Hz/60Hz

    Product Advantages

    The most cost-effective model, which combines plate cutting and pipe cutting into one, can help you save factory space and has great flexibility.
    Professionally designated double chucks, the clamping range is 120/220/350mm, the maximum speed is 110r, and the highest domestic chuck device is used to ensure the accuracy.
    The intelligent clamping force is adjustable, and the adjustment accuracy is ±1.0k, which can avoid the deformation of the pipe clamp. The chuck is equipped with a dust suction and slag suction port, and the cutting is environmentally friendly.
    The side of the bed is equipped with a universal wheel ball design, which is convenient for loading and unloading of the plate, saving time and cost, and maximizing the protection of the surface of the plate.

    The application areas of VF6015HG, far beyond your imagination

    The sheet and tube integrated laser cutting equipment is widely used in the following fields: metal processing industry (metal manufacturing, sheet metal processing, metal component production), automotive manufacturing industry, construction industry, kitchenware manufacturing industry, furniture manufacturing industry, petroleum and chemical industry, rail transportation industry, medical device manufacturing industry, electronic equipment manufacturing industry, etc.


    Accounting for land occupation area

    VF-60G Dimensional Diagram


    VF-6015 Dimensional Diagram


    VF-6015HG Dimensional Diagram


    As shown in the figure, the size of a laser plate and tube integrated cutting machine saves 45% of the area compared to a separate laser cutting machine and a laser tube cutting machine.

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