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Flexible Small Suitcase Laser Cleaning Machine

√ No damage to metal surfaces

√ Non-contact cleaning of metal surfaces

√ Suitcase-type cabinet, compact and flexible

√ Removes paint, rust, and oxide layers in lightning speed

√ No chemical solvents required, environmentally friendly machine

    Technical Parameter

    Operating environment

    Machine power consumption


    Working temperature


    Working environment humidity


    Optical parameters

    Laser average power


    power instability


    working method


    Pulse Width


    Maximum single pulse energy


    Frequency adjustment range (kHz)

    0-100 (gradient adjustable)

    Repetition frequency (kHz)

    1-4000 (gradient adjustable)

    Fiber length


    cooling method

    air cooling

    Cleaning head parameters

    Scanning range (length*width)

    0-145mm, continuously adjustable;

    Dual-axis supports 8 scanning modes;

    Field lens focal length (mm)

    210mm (optional 160mm/254mm/330mm/420mm)

    Mechanical parameters

    Overall machine size (length, width and height)


    Total Weight


    Weight after packaging


    Cleaning head weight


    Operation method


    What can you benefit from Junyi cleaning machine?

    The backpack-type laser cleaning machine combines portability, flexibility and ease of operation. It can more easily adapt to the cleaning needs of special scenes, improve work efficiency and reduce operating difficulties.

    • Portability

      The backpack laser cleaning machine is designed as a backpack, which can be easily carried on the body to achieve cleaning operations anytime and anywhere. It is especially suitable for environments with small spaces or where traditional cleaning equipment cannot be used.

    • Flexible and diverse

      Backpack laser cleaning machines usually use laser heads with adjustable focus, which can be finely adjusted according to different cleaning objects. They are suitable for objects of various sizes and shapes to achieve flexible and diverse cleaning needs.

    • Easy to operate

      Backpack laser cleaning machines usually use hand-held operation, which is convenient for single-person operation and control. It does not require excessive human assistance, improves cleaning efficiency, and saves labor costs.

    • Visual positioning

      Some backpack laser cleaning machines are equipped with observation devices or laser guidance systems. Through laser sights or cameras and other equipment, the cleaning position can be observed in real time to improve the accuracy of cleaning.

    • No external power supply required

      Some backpack laser cleaning machines are powered by rechargeable batteries and do not require an external power supply, which increases the convenience of use and is especially suitable for outdoor environments or situations where power cannot be connected.

    What advantages of fiber laser cleaner?


    The newest cleaning head

    Choose the latest cleaning gun head, with a weight less than 0.9kg, supporting a scanning range of 0-100mm, adjustable continuously; dual axis supports 8 scanning modes: linear mode, rectangle mode 1, rectangle mode 2, circular mode, sine mode, double spiral mode, free mode and ring mode.


    Portable design

    The overall dimensions of the suitcase-style laser cleaning machine are approximately 500mm390mm255mm, with a weight of 18KG. Its portable design allows for a wide range of applications in various outdoor scenarios, while its simple and flexible operation ensures ease of use.


    Smarter operating software

    The operating software of the laser cleaning machine features an intuitiveuser interface. It comes with multiple preset parameters provided before leaving the factory and enables data recording for easy remote monitoring. We also offer technical support and free software upgrades to help end-users have a better user experience.

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